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The boys have finally gone out for the summer….

Declan has started to behave a lot better now that he’s allowed us to handle him more, and he’s a star at leading now. Steve’s demonstrating how to lead and Declan is being really well behaved, very please with his behaviour today he was really good, when being taken to his new field.

Torpenhow Declan  Leading

Why At, Declan and Chance

Well we’ve finally turned the boys out for the summer. From the left the uncle 2 year old Why At with his nephews, brothers 2 year old Declan and then 3 year old Chance.

Torpenhow Solo

OK so spend a week away only to return to find Solo is still running around, convinced now he’s an eventer in the making, hes so bold and quite fast running around, just wait until I add the yearlings to the field in the next few weeks. It’ll be interesting to see what he makes of them.

The grey around his eyes makes his eyes really stand out. Pity he’s going to be grey as he’s a very handsome bay at the moment.

He’ll be looking for a new home in 5 months. Any interest welcome……


Torpenhow Solo

Sire:- Why Me

Dam Sire: Don Primero

Solo meets his family

OK so Aunt Dyna and Grandmother Divina aren’t impressed…..

Solo introduced to the family


Torpenhow Solo

Looks like he’s already faster than his mum, I think this chap may make a good eventer!!

Torpenhow Solo Running

The reaction upon adding his Grandmother and aunt into the field.

Torpenhow Solo

We are pleased to welcome our new arrival Torpenhow Solo born 30/04/2013. He’s going to be another Grey like his sire Why Me


Torpenhow Solo


Torpenhow Solo

Looks like he’s going to be a big chap.

We want your feedback on Intelligent Horsemanship and whether you’d be interested in our next event, we are looking into a 2 day clinic with Paddy Gracey, please complete a survey with your feedback.

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Are you local to Frankby and have a problem loading your horse?

Just thought, I have not got a specific problem with loading any of my horses. If you are local and within easy hacking distance of our yard in Frankby and do have a loading problem we could use your horse on 14th April and let Paddy attempt to resolve your loading issues. This would be at our Intelligent Horsemanship event on 14th April.

Please contact me to discuss details:- Carolyn 07857 555047

Torpenhow Juno

Typical just as we needed a filly to complete this years crop of names, our 2 fillies April and May are now joined by a colt born yesterday Juno. He’s very lively and impossible to get photos with him running round at only a day old just got the one so far…

More Pictures of April

She really is a force of nature totally loves people just like her mum, and will happily lie down right in front of you if she feels tired.

Torpenhow April








Torpenhow April








Sleeping is such thirsty work.


Torpenhow April








Having a bit of a stretch


Torpenhow April

Torpenhow April






Having a good run around.

Torpenhow April








And rest again, its all go for a babe.

Torpenhow Daisy due to foal

Daisy due to foal.

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