Torpenhow Destiny

Destiny (Tina) to her friends now 3 years old looks like she should make 16.2hh by Daddy Cool, out of a Fürstenreich mare (Torpenhow Dyna Mo). Tina is just about ready to start competing after the weather improves I expect she’ll go out.




Torpenhow Juno

Typical just as we needed a filly to complete this years crop of names, our 2 fillies April and May are now joined by a colt born yesterday Juno. He’s very lively and impossible to get photos with him running round at only a day old just got the one so far…

More Pictures of April

She really is a force of nature totally loves people just like her mum, and will happily lie down right in front of you if she feels tired.

Torpenhow April








Torpenhow April








Sleeping is such thirsty work.


Torpenhow April








Having a bit of a stretch


Torpenhow April

Torpenhow April






Having a good run around.

Torpenhow April








And rest again, its all go for a babe.

Dyna due to foal

Dyna is due to foal today.

Torpenhow Daisy due to foal

Daisy due to foal.

Torpenhow Dawn due to foal.

Dawn due to foal today looks like she’ll be late now.

Declan awarded a premium at Oldenburg grading


Torpenhow Declan being branded

Torpenhow Declan being branded

Torpenhow Declan being branded at the Oldenburg Grading.


Declan achieved a premium at his grading and the poor sole was also awarded a brand (designer label) to go with it. He’s now all set for his weaning this weekend.





Montgomery Hill Royal Wedding Street Party Photos

[imagebrowser id=1]

Photos taken at the Royal Wedding Street Party – Montgomery Hill Frankby 29th April.

Luke starting out his Show Jumping Career.

Just been to see Luke whilst he’s being started off on his Show jumping journey.


Luke Loose jumping

Luke learning to jump

Luke making sure he clears the fence









Not long before he’s being ridden.

Cor de Reno

Cor de RenoReno has moved to his new home with Jenny, he’s now at Manor Farm in Frankby.  I’m sure he’ll love his new home and settle in really well. His brother Laddie moved to  a new home with George in Thingwall a few months ago. That’s the last of Wendelin’s foals re-homed, we’ll miss him, but we now have a spare stable to use to move things round a bit.

Luke is due to be sent of soon to start some work, he’ll enjoy that (hopefully), we’re just waiting on the weather at the moment

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